Navarra road network vulnerability assessment. Spain

SERVICE Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
DATE 2022-2023

Climate Change has become a global challenge, and addressing its causes and effects is a collective task for institutions, administrations, entities, and citizens. Within this context, the present contract is part of the LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project: Integrated Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation in Navarra, framed within the European Union’s LIFE Program. The LIFE Project is integrated into the Climate Change Roadmap (KliNa) approved by the Government of Navarra. In fact, the actions of LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC are incorporated as actions in the roadmap itself, serving as pilot initiatives for the type of measures that can be implemented in terms of adapting to the effects of climate change.

The objective of this service was to identify critical points vulnerable to climate change in the road network of Navarra, prioritize actions, develop a resilience improvement strategy for the infrastructure, and create an implementation plan for such defined strategy.

The approach was based on differentiating the impact of climate change actions by considering the type of maintenance required in each case. Actions were subdivided based on their nature: expected, seasonal, and sudden. This allows for determining which routine maintenance activities will be more necessary based on the geographic location, responding to seasonal actions, while the expected ones will guide ordinary maintenance strategy. For sudden actions, adaptation measures have been outlined to increase resilience and prevent service disruption and road safety during extreme weather events.

The defined strategy involves the entire government of Navarra, with a significant focus on the Public Works Department. An implementation plan has been carried out considering a 10-year timeframe. The main goals are to establish a regulatory and governance framework to secure the necessary funds for implementation and a digitization effort to leverage data from road assets for maintenance decision-making.