Disaster Risk Assessment ​

Helping organisations and communities prepare for the impacts of climate change



In the recent years, the effect of Climate Change seems more and more present in the daily management of the infrastructure assets as well as in the lifetime of concessions or private investments in built assets (Banks, Investment Funds, Insurances, Building Managers…). INES provides risk assessment services consisting in the definition of the assets probability of failure under the climate conditions that they are subject to, allowing conducting a preventive maintenance approach.​

Risk is broken-down in different indicators, allowing the identification of the assets weak points and optimizing the actions required to increase their resilience and reduce the risk to which society is exposed.​

The services in this area start with the Exposure quantification and recurrence, which objective is to redefine the hazards to which the built environment is subject to; continue with a Vulnerability Diagnosis and Risk Identification, where social, environmental and economic data is incorporated into the decision-making process; and finalizes in the Resilience Strategy definition, where the path to adapt to the new reality is marked in collaboration with the Client.

Besides providing Disaster Risk Assessment consultancy services, focused on a decision-making level, INES completes the overall resilience and adaptation cycle by providing detail adaptation engineering solutions and implementing Early Warning Systems.

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