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INES provides advisory services to public and private administrations aimed at improving maintenance efficiency. We assist in adopting a preventive maintenance strategy by harnessing advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to thoroughly analyze infrastructure asset data, maximizing its utility.

The distinguishing factor of INES in this field is that the team of analysts, consisting of mathematicians, physicists, and data engineers, is led by senior civil engineers, specialists in the maintenance and conservation of infrastructure elements. This enables contextualization of the value of data and ensures the models calibration and validation.

Public and private organizations in charge of civil engineering infrastructure maintenance, collect different information from the assets such as: inventory data, existing damages, repair interventions, incidents due to climate exposure or daily operation and more. This information is being collected along the infrastructure lifecycle, creating an important historic register. ​

INES offers consultancy services to organize such information in databases and enable the application of algorithms linked with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to maximize the benefit of its analysis and help in the decision-making process by introducing a predictive approach.

Data Analytics
Consultancy ​


INES provides consulting services to capture, through a specific real-time monitoring system, the behavior of a built asset. The data acquired from the instrumentation is used to build a mathematic model that represents reality, which is initially calibrated by comparing it with the physical model of the asset. Subsequently, the continuous monitoring data is used to train the analytical model. Utilizing cloud technology and a web platform, it culminates in an Early Warning System that alerts designated stakeholders when specific predefined thresholds are surpassed.

The development of digital twins requires the interaction of various disciplines (civil engineers, monitoring specialists, data acquisition, data processing and others). While INES leads this process due to the team expertise with the assets and data analytics, we collaborate with different specialists on those fields that are required depending of each project, responding as a single team to the Client.

Data Analytics
Consultancy ​

3D Modelling

INES uses photogrammetry techniques for conducting 3D surveys of infrastructure related assets (buildings, bridges, earthworks, terrain and more). Besides enabling having a 3D geometrical model or DEM (in the case of terrain), very powerful for measuring and representing the current state of conservation, it allows assigning properties to the different elements, conducting stability assessments, analyzing the impact of climate boundary conditions, defining monitoring systems and more.



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