SERVICE Detail design and technical assistance
DATE 2006
LOCATION Ciudad Real, Spain

As part of the works executed in A-42 Highway ‘section running from Ciudad Real to Puertollano’, the design and construction of three prestressed concrete viaducts must be highlighted, as their geometry and structural typologies are unprecedently elegant and slender.

The first viaduct follows a 600 m radius curved alignment extending up to K.P. 1+490,015, where it converts into a clothoid (A=230). The bridge is erected on a post-tensioned 1.85m constant-depth slab. Deck width is 11.50 and it is composed of a 7m carriageway, formed by two 3.50m long rails and two 1m long and 2.50m width shoulders. Superelevation is extremely pronounced, with a rate of 8% towards the inside of the curve. Cantilevers are 2.65 m long and have a varying depth between 0.15 and 0.40 meters.

The second viaduct is similar to the above exposed structure. It follows a 150 m radius curved alignment extending up to K.P. 0+295,543, where it converts into a clothoid (A=90). It is composed of 4 spans of 26m, 40m, 34m and 22m distributed along the structure axis. Its total length is 110.22 m. Deck and pier typologies are similar to the above described.

The third structure follows a straight alignment up to K.P. 0+254,702, where it converts into an 80m radius curve alignment. It is composed of 4 spans of 13.5 m, 19.00m, 19,00m and 13.50m. Its total length is 635m. Again, the typology of this viaduct is similar to that in the previous structures. Deck width is 8m and it is composed of a carriageway with two rails of 5m and two 1m width shoulders. The deck is a 0.85m depth solid prestressed concrete slab. The longitudinal section varies in width and depth. Ends depth is 0.85m, whereas depth in central section is 0.93 m. This is because the overpass cross slope was built with prestressed concrete slab. The deck is a 2.70m inferior width trapezoidal section. Truncated cone-shaped piers have been fixed into the deck. It has a 1:50 varying cross-section and the diameter at abutment is 1 m.

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