CLIENT Madrid City Council/ Community of Madrid/ Madrid Calle 30
SERVICE Surveys, computer application
DATE 2014-2019

As every big city, Madrid has a dense road network stretching beyond its boundaries. This is the result of a strong and accelerated growth that took place mainly in the past 50 years and has given rise to a set of infrastructures requiring constant maintenance works with the added difficulty of a heavy and constant traffic. Different administrations (Madrid City Council, Madrid Calle 30 and the Community of Madrid) in charge of the management of such infrastructures have commissioned INES Ingenieros and its computer application i3met to implement and organize a maintenance plan.

Urban structures, including bridges, footbridges and tunnels, belong to Madrid City Council and are managed by a concession company in charge of the maintenance works. At a second level and enclosing the urban structures, the first Madrid road ring with the characteristics of an urban motorway emerges. This infrastructure —the M30— is managed by Madrid Calle 30. The region’s road network is in turn managed and maintained by the Community of Madrid. Each of these Administrations has its own peculiarities in terms of organization and services procurement. However, they all share the desire of counting with objective criteria for the control of the state of conservation and planning of maintenance and rehabilitation operations. These criteria have been precisely implemented throughout the projects in which INES Ingenieros has participated.

Additionally, these Administrations have in common the hierarchical organization of rehabilitation works in the different administrative modalities. In all cases, the prioritization criteria to be followed were the rating or value of the state of conservation, which are measured on a scale from 0 (collapse) to 100 (perfection). These criteria arise from the survey and assessment methodology applied for each bridge, which is agreed with the different Administrations and implemented thanks to i3met. Such condition rating evolves over time, improving the interventions being scheduled and executed. This parameter is therefore used as a yardstick to measure in time and as a prioritization factor for operations. It may also serve as a penalization value for a concession company if it goes down a predefined level. In addition to organizing all information related to the conservation of structures, repair quotes are semi-automatically generated from the different digital platforms. It is finally manually processed by an engineer, which enables to plan annual conservation quotes.


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