SERVICE Detail design and technical assistance
DATE 2007

The infrastructure of the project is located in the extreme southwest of the province of Jaen, bordering to the west with the province of Cordoba, specifically, in the municipality of Espeluy. The section in project (KM 342+800 to KM 344+100), consists of 1.300 km and is curved with a single track, electrified, EW direction between the stations of Espeluy and Villanueva de la Reina. The section under construction, based on its characteristics, is subdivided into two sections for its description:

  1. (KM 342+800) to factory overpass (KM 343+580).
  2. factory overpass (KM 343+580) to (KM 344+100).


The actions to be carried out are presented in the following groups:

Earthworks: Includes the actions of berm creation, slope slope correction on the left slope, and demolition, transport and removal of the drainage works present on the right side. The purpose of this group of actions is to limit the risk of landslides on the right slope and to enable the left slope for the execution of the planned drainage works.

Drainage: These include the execution of concrete-lined drainage ditches on the berm, the execution of Californian drains, the projection of concrete on the berm, the piping under the access road and the execution of manholes in the areas where they meet the existing drainage works.

Protection and improvement: These include all the actions for the rehabilitation and definitive improvement of the overpass.

The project duration foreseen was 5 months (19 weeks), in accordance with the Work Plan and with the use of an average number of 4 workers. Most of the work to be carried out did not interfere with the safety zone, with work being carried out in the interference zone in a 3-hour maintenance band under the presence of a foreman working under a blocked track regime.

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