CLIENT Ministry of Public Works and Transport General Directorate for Roads (DGC)
SERVICE Repair projects, inspections, training
DATE 2006-2018
LOCATION Various provinces (Spain)

Since 2006, INES Ingenieros has collaborated with the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport in different contracts related to bridges inspections, intervention projects and training of the technical staff undertaking major inspections, as well as in the bridge’s technical management tool. It is important to note that National Roads Network bridges encompass all typologies, materials, measurements and construction periods, which entails a certain degree of complexity.

Over 9,000 major inspections have been carried out on bridges belonging to the National Roads Network between 2014 and 2018 by preparing or updating the inventory of the named bridges, managed by a computer application developed by a project consortium in which INES has participated as a specialized consultant. The full engagement of INES in bridges management is reflected on the specific training courses provided, intended to prepare and validate both the inspectors and the supervision of inspections in major inspections contracts performed by external consultants.

Additionally, INES has been involved in special inspections campaigns and the drafting of repair projects for over 100 bridges in the north of Spain. These projects have led to over 45 interventions on bridges in order to improve their durability, functionality and bearing conditions, either in a planned manner or through emergency procedures. The drafting of intervention projects required different processes and studies such as documents analysis, geotechnical and materials studies, hydraulic studies in complex basins, a structural assessment, a systematic monitoring, a detailed land survey and drawing of plans.

The scope of action in the different contracts has also included specific studies, i.e. specific pathologies of steel pipes, identification of strategic bridges, winter road maintenance operations, seismic performance enhancement, scouring problems, adequacy of retaining systems, enhancement of the waterproofing system, etc. The participation of INES in all these contracts has led the company’s experts to represent Spain in different international institutions such as CEDR or PIARC, as well as in several technical committees and working groups.

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