SERVICE Studies and evaluation
DATE 2022

Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787, although it now serves as the location for the Dubai Museum. In addition to being the oldest building in the city, it is one of the most distinctive structures you can find.  The fort was constructed to safeguard the territory from potential enemy attacks during a time when such threats were common. The fort has a square shape with walls made of coral rock. In its large courtyard, you can find a dhow, an abra, and a hourey, as well as an arsih (a traditional house made with woven palm branches).

The project required a complete structural analysis of Al Fahidi Fort and its plazas, facilities and underground structures, as well as recommending all repairs to be made to the existing structure to strengthen it, based on the survey and testing. INES conducted on-site testing and obtained samples for laboratory analysis. In addition, a structural analysis of the different elements of the fort was carried out to obtain the maximum concomitant loads imposed and to verify whether the damage detected was caused by low resistance capacity through the study of materials and the study of the documentation collected.

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