Uruguay’s central railway is inaugurated. INES has participated in the rehabilitation of its 71 existing bridges

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The Central Railway of Uruguay between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros was inaugurated last month. The project, promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay and built by the consortium Grupo Vía Central (formed by the Spanish company Sacyr, the French company NGE and the Uruguayan companies SACEEM and Berkes), has made it possible to work on the 265 km of existing railway track, with the aim of improving the layout and increasing the load capacity of the trains to promote their industrial use.

INES, in collaboration with its partner RDA Ingeniería, has been part of the drafting team of the project for the repair, reinforcement or replacement of 71 existing structures along the line, increasing their load capacity and extending their useful life. Work has been carried out on bridges of very varied typologies and spans, with special attention to bridges spanning the large Uruguayan riverbeds with lengths of more than 700 m, seeking the optimization of technical solutions but always with an eye to sustainability and the preservation of the historical and social value of emblematic bridges for the country.

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