INES wishes to remain in touch with research and technological development.

We are involved in research projects within European RDI programmes and collaborate with technology centers, universities and public administrations. Innovation is a priority in our company, and thus, we invest in personnel and materials to develop methodologies and techniques, as well as IT programs and applications to standardize the acquired knowledge and obtain a profit from it.

Activities within the field of research and development projects generally fall within the framework of RDI programs (both Spanish or European) and internal self-financed development programs.

Since its inception, research has been an important part of INES. We have carried out an average of three research projects per year, and devote 15% of the total working hours to research.

As evidence of the importance of research within the company, INES implemented standard UNE 166002: CERTIFICATION OF RDI MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS in November 2010.


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