INES is certified under the regulations of UNE EN ISO 9001 (Quality), UNE
166002 (R&D&i), UNE EN ISO14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety at Work).
INES Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work policy consists in
delivering projects that comply with the applicable technical and environmental rules and
regulations and OSH standards, as well as meeting the expectations of the client by complying with
the terms of the contract or order specifications within a strong commitment with the protection and
conservation of the environment.

Due to our company activity —design of buildings and civil engineering structures,
maintenance, preservation and operation engineering (inspection, monitoring, assessment of
structures in service, repair and expansion projects of existing structures) and the structural
engineering innovation projects—, we have a direct contact with nature. We are therefore
especially sensitive with the environmental protection and the need to preserve the natural
resources in order to achieve a sustainable development.

We have a strong commitment to meeting our quality and environmental goals, aiming to
continuous improvements in the services provided while reducing the impact of our operations on the
environment and committing to respect our operation area.

To carry out all the above explained, INES management emphasizes on the
following aspects:

  • Consider the commitment with the client a priority task, and meet the specific needs of the
  • Take the necessary steps to deliver the demanded products by the client following the
    company profitability criteria.
  • Establish processes to guarantee all the above indicated, and take into account that a
    respectful behavior towards the environment and a constant improvement of the mentioned
    processes are integral part of the team.
  • An everlasting commitment to comply with the law and environmental and health and safety
    standards at all levels, as well as meeting every particular arrangement held with our
  • Meet the UNE 166002:2014 standard requirements and promote RDI projects related to the
    structures’ operation and the preservation of the Spanish historical-industrial patrimony.
  • Promote cooperation with foreign entities to achieve a high level of knowledge, technological
    applications and their implementation on our works.
  • Establish a RDI results protection and exploitation methodology, led to improve our
    company’s competitiveness and market position.
  • Ensuring the internal and external communication with clients, the administration and
    stakeholders regarding any element of the Management System.
  • Develop a policy of continuous improvement for our company, establishing annual
    improvements in order to upgrade the quality of our products and our efforts in
    environmental and health and safety at work issues.
  • Motivate the team members, promote training programs in connection with their particular
    professional and technical fields, as well as general environmental and health and safety at
    work issues, providing the necessary knowledge to accomplish their job from an
    environmentally respectful approach, under health and safety conditions, and aiming to
    satisfy not only our clients expectations, but also our company’s internal needs.
  • Promote the conservation of resources by recycling and re-using, and seek to reduce the
    usage of raw material, energy and water on the processes.
  • Perform the work at the first attempt, as a permanent attitude of everyone at all times and focus our efforts to prevent mistakes. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Prevent and reduce contamination to the extent possible whilst performing our works, taking all the available measures in order to prevent accidents involving environmental damages or to minimize their effects.
  • Ensure that the facilities are in perfect condition and provide the appropriate equipment to comply with the activities and purposes of the company, avoiding hazards and mitigating any occupational health and safety risk.
  • Regularly monitoring the employees’ health based on the specific risks associated to their position and providing safe and healthy working conditions for injury prevention and work-related health deterioration.
  • Make the prevention plan, risk assessment and preventive activity planning at the disposal of the employees, according to article 16.1 of the Law 31/1995, and inform all employees about the existing general and specific risks.
  • Facilitate that the employees make enquiries and are engaged in the company’s Occupational Health and Safety policy and are able to select the participation and representation bodies provided by the law.
  • Have this policy at public disposal.

INES General Manager.


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