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INES completes inspection of Dominica’s road network as part of its resilience assessment

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INES is currently collaborating with the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica on a project aimed at strengthening and improving the management of roads and road assets in the country. Through the development of a Resilient Asset Management Strategy and the implementation of an Asset Management System customized for the country, the goal is to ensure the optimal allocation of resources and help the Ministry of Transport to effectively monitor and maintain its road infrastructure. In this way, the project contributes both to the immediate improvement of the infrastructure (by identifying rehabilitation or repair needs) and to the long-term sustainable development of Dominica (by reducing the risk of its road network and increasing its resilience to natural disasters).

As part of the project, the INES team has been in the field for four weeks to travel its more than 1,000 km of roads and collect inventory and condition data on the main assets: pavements, bridges, drainage works, earthworks and walls. This data will be used to feed the management system developed, characterize the country’s physical infrastructure, and make an objective assessment of the vulnerability and main risks of the transportation network.

Dominica’s Innovative Road Asset Management for Resilience (

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