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Bridge Management System (BMS) Training Course for KeNHA

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Last week, INES has conducted a training course for bridge inspectors, surveyors, specialists, and engineers from the Kenya National Highways Authority.

Andrés Bonilla and Gonzalo Arias Hofman have presented the main findings obtained after implementing the Bridge Management System. Additionally, they provided a detailed explanation of what BMS entails and how it works for new users.

The on-site day and subsequent discussions played a pivotal role in enhancing the knowledge of the participants. We unanimously agree that bridges are critical components of the road network requiring proactive maintenance to ensure safety, durability, and an extended service life. The BMS proves to be an instrumental tool in achieving these goals.

INES extends its gratitude to all the participants and authorities of KeNHA, CENTUNION S.A., for their unwavering support, making this training course possible.

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