Chamartin Railways Underground
September 5, 2016
Bridge Inspection Campaign and Implementation of an Asset Management Tool
September 6, 2016

OCC Building Geotechnical Design – Jedda Station- Haramain High-Speed Railway Project


Geotechnical design of the Operacional Control Center complex (OCC) located at Jeddah High-speed Railway Station.

The OCC complex consists of one central building with square plant surrounded on all four sides by five- storey buildings all of them with rectangular plant. This arrangement of several structures around a central one is connected by an outdoor walkway.

The tasks were the following:

  • To determine the ground conditions (ground profile, groundwater levels).
  • To determine the geochemical composition for foundation purposes of the soilsand groundwater.
  • To assess proposed loading conditions and foundation requirements.
  • To determine parameters for the detailed design of foundations and geotechnical structures.
  • To provide recommendations on the concrete class for buried structures.
  • To determine the suitability of the excavated materials for their use in earthworks.
  • A specific geotechnical survey was performed; the scope of the geotechnical survey was carried out considering the previous information and the targets of the study.


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