Madinah & Makkah
April 28, 2015
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January 29, 2016

BOCC building Railway Station


In 2012 the works regarding the connection between Madinah & Makkah by a High Speed Railway line of 450 km began. As part of this project, INES has developed the geotechnical design for the BOOC Building.

The Backup Operation Control Centres (BOCC) is a building involving multidisciplinary centres where, diff erent tasks and activities related to railway operation (abnormalities management, planning, maintenance, training and others) are carried out.

Overall, a total fl oor area of 1,135 m2 is projected, reaching a maximum of two storeys and without basements.

The geological design required fi rst the performance of 5 boreholes with standpipes, 4 test pits, an electric thermography and a geotechnical and chemical analysis of the soil samples.


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