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INES Consulting Engineers Engineering Consultancy is located in Madrid.

Our spacious office includes the workplaces needed, as well as office furniture, a corporate wireless computer network run by a server with an automatic backup system, a library, a meeting room and other services.
It is likewise important to note that INES has developed its own programs for the analysis of masonry structures and infrastructure management systems:

Software: INES uses an internally developed specialized software (Delphi, Java Script), as well as commercial softwares. In addition, it relies on office software and network management applications.

Software for masonry structures calculation

The company has developed a specific program for the analysis of masonry structures in which the data are the geometry and mechanical characteristics of the masonry structure and the acting forces, even those on the supports, and the output is the stress resultant in each section and the derived magnitudes. The program discretizes (subdivides) the structure into a set of sections parallel to each other, and by using only balance equations, it provides the resultant forces in each of those sections and their crossing point.

The program is useful to determine the level of thrust on the structure abutments that work as arches, buttresses, mass-abutment, etc. The program works in two dimensions, but it is applicable to three-dimensional cases such as vaults using appropriate assumptions and varying widths. The program also takes data on the masonry structure that constitutes the structure, allowing the stresses in each section to be compared with the resistance values expressed as envelope interaction diagrams.

Bridge Management Systems

INES has developed a comprehensive methodology for bridge management, ranging from the structure inventory module (definition of the bridge heritage) to the routine inspection and main inspection modules (preservation state of the heritage). This methodology is based on:

  • a series of manuals or guides, used as working papers for each of the phases and aimed at different levels of participation (structure manager, expert inspector, consults, etc.), which are reinforced through the corresponding training courses;
  • a software application adapted to each user

The different work levels (inventory completion and the different degrees of inspections) are globally or partially performed by INES technical engineers, always seeking as much active collaboration as the client’s personnel can provide as a way of obtaining a system activity that guarantees its own operation. The most specialized tasks (system implementation, training courses, etc.) are always carried out by the company technicians.

This Structural Management System has been successfully implemented both in local governments, such as in Zaragoza and Barcelona councils (2008 and 2009 respectively), and in the Spanish central government, where it is used in the Spanish General Road Network of the Ministry of Public Works. Private clients like ABERTIS have also benefited from this system.

Structural Monitoring Systems

Additionally, INES has developed dynamic monitoring systems that allow static and dynamic loads on both civil works structures and buildings to be tested. INES has the following instrumentation at its disposal:

INES Consulting Engineers also has independent reading units to read different discrete parameters (movements, turns, temperature, humidity, etc.). These units have been successfully applied in buildings as unique as the BBVA headquarters in Bilbao.

Moreover, the company has developed different methods of structures and materials inspection, monitoring and diagnostics for engineering and consultancy projects.


INES currently relies on the following equipment:

  • Ultrasound equipment Tico model manufactured by PROCEQ..
  • Pachometer PROFOMETER 5 manufactured by PROCEQ, used to locate reinforcement bars and measure concrete covering them.
  • Georadar Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan.
  • Canin+ corrosometer manufactured by PROCEQ, used to perform corrosion potential mapping and control and measure concrete electrical resistivity.
  • Leica Total Station model TC (R) 407, that guarantees a precision of 3 mm + 2 ppm in electromagnetic distance measurements and 7" in angle observation.
  • Sclerometer (Schmidt hammer), L model, manufactured by PROCEQ, used to estimate compressive strength of concrete..
  • Portable power generator.
  • Conductivity meter Hanna HI98033:conductivity measuring probe immersion Hanna, thermometer and moisture..
  • Meter Laser rangefinder Leica Disto D210 (maximum length: 20 m).
  • Data Logger Termohigrómetro HOBO Pro v2 RH/Temp (two channels) -40ºC to +70ºC and 0-100% RH. Memory for 42,000 data items and optical USB base station for HOBO Pro V2 used to download data from the HOBO Pro v2 units.
  • Hypsometer Láser Rangefinder Forestry 550 Nikon, used to measure distances and angles.

Finally, INES has company vehicles, digital cameras, safety, protection and signaling elements, used for inspection and technical assistance duties.

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