Interest in maintenance and preservation

of infrastructures has increased in recent years.

Their technical and economic importance has led to the understanding of civil and industrial works within a much broader time context.

Interest has risen mainly due the understandable concern of different administrations, both public and private, given the already large number of structures that require high costs of maintenance, rehabilitation and repair.

After many years of research by INES professionals in this field of engineering, working in the design, construction, maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation, adaptation and demolition of infrastructures, the company is in a position to complete their life cycle, thanks to a major effort specializing in consultancy in the fields of structures, materials, geotechnics, etc, so as to provide customers with high added value services.

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The areas of activity of INES

include sectors such as:

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Building
  • Industrial Works
  • Metropolitan Systems
  • Airports
  • Harbours and coasts
  • Underground structures
  • Hydraulic works and water management
  • Historic heritage