Corporate structure

INES Consulting Engineers is divided into two distinct levels.

The first level is comprised of the Quality, Environment, RDI, and Technology and Systems departments. The second level, which is in turn subdivided into our company’s five strategic areas, consists of those departments related to production,.

First Level

The activity carried out in these departments gives rise to two different types of outcomes: -Internal outcomes (improvement of internal processes and team training) -External outcomes (client-oriented research projects)

Second Level

The activitiy carried out in the second level departments shows our company’s ambition to specialize in technical sectors that feed back each other.

Business divisions:

  • Managing Direction

  • General Services

  • Quality, H&S, and Environment

  • RDI

  • Technology and Systems

  • Technical Direction

  • Building Department

  • Civil Engineering Department

  • Geotechnical Engineering Department

  • Preservation and Operation Department

  • Technical Assistance and Site Management

  • Draftsmanship