Technical-Economic Consulting

The services covered in this section are an expression of the need for interaction between theory and economy in the new scenario of infrastructures.

INES’s experience in this sector in recent years working with both the government (Ministry of Public Works, ADIF, etc.), local authorities (municipalities, regional governments, etc) and private companies (CINTRA, ABERTIS, etc) allows us to efficiently focus on this analysis.

More than ever, the appearance and promotion of new scenarios for infrastructure financing requires an analysis and quantification of the risks from this dual perspective.

The feasibility and risk studies, analyzing the entire life cycle of an infrastructure (design and construction, maintenance and operation, repair, adjustment and demolition) form a key tool for the decision-making process.

Moreover, the audit of the infrastructure-related processes allows problems and mistakes in their management to be corrected.

The estimate of the various costs related to infrastructure management based on the structure and organization of the client facilitates the counseling to concessionary systems.