Structural Consulting

Within the consultancy services related to structural behavior, it is important to note some highly specific studies such as those on the evolution of existing structures under new operating conditions (load and velocities) or scour and vulnerability studies, as well as general studies such as typological solutions, the monitoring and review of projects, etc.

It is important to be aware that a large number of structures were designed and built under a different legal context, some of them under pseudo-theoretical rules that, in some cases, have been in use for over 150 years. These structures are subject to very different loading conditions from their original operating ones, so it is necessary to study their behavior in service and under ultimate loads. Sometimes, the crossing of a special transport vehicle makes it advisable to analyze the structural response under these exceptional new loads.

Another aspect in which INES has invested a great deal of time and energy (in both professional and research projects) is in the analysis of the vulnerability of different structural types of bridges under river bed action.

Analyzing structures correctly means they can be used more efficiently. From this point of view, INES is able to analyze, diagnose and adapt all kinds of materialized typologies to any material (concrete, metal, wood, masonry, factories of all types, etc).