Social and Cultural Heritage

The career of INES Ingenieros in the analysis, study and evaluation of the country’s social, cultural and industrial heritage over the past few years allows it to address refurbishment, rehabilitation and adaptation projects of the different properties of cultural interest from a multidisciplinary, objective and efficient point of view.

The different and complementary training of members of INES Ingenieros (architects, engineers, petrologists, chemists, etc) allows the cultural elements to be objectively and reliably treated from the first phase (preliminary studies) to the last (drafting of comprehensive maintenance plans).

Its recent experiences have received prizes and distinctions.

Moreover, INES Ingenieros spends much of its time and energy participating in research projects whose ultimate goal is to identify, document and preserve our heritage. The recognition and refurbishment of these assets is equivalent to valuing and recognizing the importance of our culture and history.

  • Cataloguing and identification of cultural properties

  • Implementation of previous studies in: History, Materials, Construction, Structure,etc

  • Refurbishment and protection projects

  • Monument adaptation projects

  • Implementation of comprehensive conservation plans

  • Monitoring