Activity Areas

INES Ingenieros is a leading civil engineering company that offers its clients highly specialized professional services, of high added value and great technical complexity in the Engineering and Consultancy fields.


INES always aims for excellence in the services offered and provides each client with professional support that is adapted to its specific needs, regardless of whether they involve technical, management, analysis or control issues, in order to improve their initial expectations and ensure their loyalty.

Geotechnical Engineering

INES provides Geotechnical Engineering services consisting in the development of geotechnical reports and surveys on stability and foundations, drainage and land treatment.

Civil Works

In recent years, INES has been involved in the development of numerous civil engineering projects, from roads and rail projects to maritime and industrial works, and it relies on an extensive experience in the design of bridges and walkways.

Building (Construction)

INES offers technical consultancy support at all stages of work definition and construction. It has participated in numerous projects, from large works such as shopping centers to small detail works, so its professionals are the best placed to advise, assist and develop projects or direct works.

Maintenance, Preservation and Exploitation

This work comes in response to the understandable concern of the different administrations and public and private agencies for the maintenance and evaluation of infrastructures.

Social and Cultural Heritage

The career of INES Ingenieros in the analysis, study and evaluation of the country’s social, cultural and industrial heritage over the past few years allows it to address refurbishment, rehabilitation and adaptation projects of the different properties of cultural interest from a multidisciplinary, objective and efficient point of view.


Our clients range from public administrations to leading companies in the private sector. INES activity spreads beyond the Spanish borders, offering clients around the globe our expertise and highly specialized engineering and consultancy services.

Structural Consulting

Within the consultancy services related to structural behavior, it is important to pay heed to some highly specific studies, such as those on the evolution of existing structures under new operating conditions (load and velocities) or scour and vulnerability studies, as well as general studies such as typological solutions, namely monitoring and review of projects.

Materials Consulting

Construction materials are affected by changes in boundary conditions. Taken together, these actions are capable of modifying the properties for which the material was selected, significantly affecting its behavior and as a result, the useful life of the buildings.

Technical-Economic Consulting

The services encompassed in this section respond to the need for interaction between theory and profitability in the new scenario of infrastructures.

Training Consulting

Our team of highly skilled experts is extremely qualified to provide specific courses on our areas of expertise: structures, materials, geotechnical engineering, heritage, maintenance and operation, etc.

Wind tunnel testing

In recent years, we have identified the need to tackle an analytical study of wind effects and their interaction with structures specifically. This enables both to delve into the quantification of wind action and study comfort conditions.

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